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About me

I have lived in London virtually all my life apart from 4 years in Spain when my family moved to Madrid in the early 1960’s.

My mother was a fabulous cook for her time, she brought back to London the food from the Mediterranean when the food in the UK was very basic in terms of meat and 2 veg, salads and vegetarian foods.

We have such variety in out diet these days which just wasn’t around at that time apart from my mother’s Kitchen where we would have so many interesting dishes from Kidneys in sherry with rice to the French classic Pot au feu.

Top London chef and entrepreneur

I loved having dinner parties for friends and cooking for my family, hugely inspired by my mother’s cooking and my wife’s mother who gave me the idea to become a personal chef in London.

Having had experience of seeing how businesses are run working for a bank. I always wanted to run my own catering company in London, and I have steadily grown from a London chef to a director of All in Hand catering where I often have 30 staff working for an event. I have loved the opportunities that have come my way.

I have even had the honour to cater an event hosted by HM The Queen and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. It has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. Passionate is a much-cliqued term but to put in so many hours to any line of work you must love what you do, so I do. Also, I have catered on the private Island of Mustique, cooked for many celebrities’, and well know family names.

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My team and I

We will plan in advance all catering requirement with you, we help you to choose the perfect menu and wines if required.

Staff will arrive 2 hours prior your event. All in Hand Catering butlers will set up and lay your dining table.

You will be able to relax in the knowledge that you can spend more valuable time with your guests while we prepare it all behind the scenes or on the stage if you want to see how its all prepared and no need to worry about whose going to clear up, we will take care of all that.

It’s all in hand catering services.

The most important ingredients of my recipes and menus are the ingredients themselves. Beautifully fresh, seasonal and well prepared.

I am always researching ideas for new catering menus and listening to the market place to see what innovations are coming out.

We take time to really understand the needs of our clients. Clients like dealing with me as I take away their requirements and deal with them in a calm, professional manner with an eye for detail.

I run my catering company like a family and I treat all my staff with the professionalism they deserve.

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