Christmas fish buffet menu

Christmas fish buffet menu

Can we turn a traditional Christmas fish dish buffet into a delicious summer dinner?

The answer is Yes, we can.

Poached salmon with dill is a traditional Christmas fish buffet. However, it could be transform in a fresh dish with the addition of a fresh avocado, served with home made pesto mayonnaise and white bread. It become an excellent starter for your summer dinners.

Christmas fish buffet

Glazed Ham is a classic winter dish, however served cold could be a delicious, tasting main course during spring and summer seasons.

Christmas buffets

In the other hand, a cold fork buffet is an excellent choice for office parties across Christmas festivities. Our popular fork buffet menu is based on traditional English recipes. Our chef, Michael Glennon, always does a careful research for each ingredient. He also use local ingredients, with special attention to organic products. 

Fish buffet menu is always welcome as starter and part of your Christmas menu. Foil poached salmon with dill & avocado taste great!. Tasty choice for large office parties in London.