Catering for special dietary requirements

Do you know if any guests have special dietary requirements?

When organising an event, it is important to know if any guests have special dietary requirements. These may be due to allergies, intolerances or for religious or cultural reasons.

Here are some tips to ensure your event runs smoothly:

• If sending RSVP invitations, ensure there is a section for dietary requirements

• If not, take the trouble to check with your guests for any special requirements they may have. E-mail twice prior to a conference, for instance, to request that information

• Take precautions when ordering your food, so that the caterer is kept up to date, and request that special meals be kept separate and clearly labelled

• All London catering companies should send allergy information sheets with food deliveries. N.B. This is now the law

Here at All in Hand Catering London, we are happy to advise on any concerns you may have about catering for large groups.

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