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Personal chef in London

The All in Hand Event Catering personal chef service in London brings the experience of a first-class restaurant to the comfort of your own home.

Why not take all the trouble out of hosting a party – like the planning stress and kitchen heat – and let us take the reins.

It could be a romantic dinner for two, a family-only wedding, a birthday or even a gathering of old school friends. Your evening will include delicious dishes and a discreet, friendly service that will warm your hearts.


gourmet canapes catering london


If you prefer the full event catering London experience, a bespoke three course meal is available.

Create your own menu
As with our event catering and wedding catering services, one of our personal chefs will sit you down to combine your food ideas with their expertise to create a menu of culinary delights.

On the night, he will arrive with the cutlery, crockery and all the tools of his trade. If your party is indoor he’ll take over your kichen. If it’s outdoor he can set up a marquee.


personal chef caterer london


Careful planning and All in Hand Catering’s trademark attention to detail will make your London catering experience unforgettable.

While you are enjoying the good humour of your guests, the chef will transform your culinary concepts into concrete reality.

Of course, if you prefer finger food, our chef can serve up a selection of vegetarian, meat, seafood or dessert canapés – an array of miniature masterpieces, packed with flavour and created with passion and pzazz.

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