London catering commonwealth day

London catering commonwealth

We are busy preparing for one of our most high-profile events of the year. The Commonwealth menu represent our signature catering dishes and we provide them for several London organisations. We bring a taste of The Commonwealth World to this event by choosing from our popular menus.

Hot and cold fork buffets are ideal for Commonwealth Day celebrations. All In Hand provide a number of choices, and incredible dishes inspired by cultures across the Commonwealth member countries. We also offer staff to serve up to 500 guests.

Our Commonwealth menus


Haloumi with Greek salad


Slow roast leg of lamb with garlic,
rosemary and smoked paprika

Moroccan lamb or chicken tagine and
fragrant cous cous

Spicy jerk chicken rice and peas

Creamy fish pie, served with seasonal
veg and potatoes


Oregano and Greek feta cheese

Fragrant cous cous salad with parsley,
mint and pine nuts.

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