Outside catering companies

outside catering companies

How to choose the right outside catering menu for your next corporate event

As a top private event catering company in central London, we're ready for just about anything. Between finger foods, canapés and hot or cold fork buffets, there's a menu for any corporate or business event.

But just which of our menus is right for yours?

Finger buffets

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Ideal for all-day company meetings, annual meetings, general office meetings and office lunch meetings, finger buffets offer the ultimate in casual ease, convenience and flexibility. A finger buffet package can be delivered with or without staff to set up and attend buffet displays, freshly dress salads, garnish platters, serve food and clear up the venue after the event.

A finger buffet menu also tends to offer extensive choice when it comes to your food selections, with both pre-selected and custom menu packages available. If you're short on time, for instance, a choice of pre-selected Traditional, Classic, Premium, Deluxe or Platinum buffet menus provide a balanced range at clearly outlined costs per item. The emphasis of a finger buffet on choice and flexibility also extends to the finer detail of plates, cutlery, drinkware and so on, with disposable and non-disposable (ceramic, steel, glass) options to choose from.

Hot and cold canapes

mobile london cateringOur canapes exude prestige and sophistication, which means they're perfect for evening receptions, corporate HQ parties, CEO parties and other special events. Canapes menus are an ideal accompaniment for cocktails and champagne, satisfying your guests' hunger without impeding conversation.

Canapés are also great for complementing the overall theme or feel of an event. For example, our canapé selections have been specifically designed to fit seamlessly with a range of parties, drawing on world cuisines, avant-garde culinary trends, and traditionally festive flavours. For Christmas, these include serrano-wrapped pear with rocket, smoked salmon profiteroles and herbed scones with mature Canadian cheddar & chutney.

Experienced waiting staff are generally included as standard with any order of canapés, but they're not mandatory. Some clients opt for delivery only, choosing to set out their canapes on a stationary display for guests to help themselves. Otherwise, they might like to hire specialist waiting staff to further match their theme.

Hot and cold fork buffets

fork buffetsHot and cold fork buffets might include salads, curries, casseroles and more unique dishes such as marmalade-glazed roast gammon, tarragon chicken and mushroom, or seared salmon with lemon and chives, all served up in bulk. Balancing substantial, good quality food with convenience and ease of service, fork buffets are ideal for office staff lunches, chief executive lunches, and sit-down corporate dining parties -- really any event with a sizable guest count.

A chef is usually provided to cater a hot and cold fork buffet package as standard, allowing guests to enjoy freshly made dishes right out of the kitchen. It may even be possible for guests to watch as the chef prepares food in front of them, blurring the lines between your corporate catering service and outside entertainment for the evening.

Alternatively, whether due to venue constraints or some other unique requirement, food can be prepared in advance of the event and simply reheated to serve. In all cases, however, staff will generally be required to set up the hot buffet station, serve or present the food, clean the venue after the event, and arrange for dishes, linens and other items to be collected by the courier.

For your next corporate event, think about the numbers, layout, duration and theme to choose just the right catering package for you. Whatever you're planning, there's a menu to match from All in Hand providing some the best contract catering London has to offer.

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