Cold canapes London reception

Cold canapes reception for evening events is arranged in response to clients' needs and to reflect the nature of the event.

It is the most common request for evening events, ranging from 30 guests and up. Cold canapes can be served on trays, as customised bowl food or on canapé spoons.

At several British canapé receptions we've catered recently, All In Hand have hand-crafted delicious menus from traditional recipes and provided elegant bowl and tray service with their attentive and professional staff. Furthermore, we took on the management and catering decoration of the venue for the event, proving once again the skill of the team and the holistic and dedicated service we provide.

Cold canapes delivered is our new set of menu. We delivered ready to serve, in special trays. You can also booked All in Hand staff whom will take care of your event, from organise delivery to your own drinks if you prefer.

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